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Welcome to Vador Gaming Computers

At Vador we specialise in getting the best Gaming PC, Media Centre or Video Editing PC you could ever
imagine and we do it all without breaking the bank.
We have years of experience in building systems along with a history of high ranked gaming in many games in europe and this has led to us founding a company to bring the systems we design and build at the lowest prices we can offer, this has lead to our company offering some of the lowest prices in the industry with some
of the best performance.
If you arent fully convinced that we know our stuff here, check out our FAQ for a little more insight into our systems or check the About Us for more info on the company and staff.

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Gaming Computers UK

Here at Vador Gaming Computers, we specialise in getting you the best quality Gaming PC you could imagine, that fits perfect in your budget.

Our wealth of experience in customising and personalising PC's means that we can build your computer from scratch or customise your PC to ensure you receive the computer you have always dreamed of.

To guarantee that we build your PC exactly how you want it, a member of our expert team will work with you throughout the process of design and building so you are up to date with the creation of your computer every step of the way. Create your dream PC today with gaming computers UK from Vador.

Gaming PC

We provide a range of high quality, custom gaming PC that will guarantee you find the computer that meets all of your needs.

If you are looking for a computer that is great for gaming, we provide a range of customisable PC's at competitive prices, that we are certain will meet your needs. From the range we have on offer you can customise anything from case colours and graphics cards to monitors and hard drives, meaning you can create your perfect PC.

All of our custom gaming computers in the UK offer you a great gaming experience on a PC that is built for you. We also have a range of water cooling PCs available. These computers run smoothly with great performance and are greatly upgradeable so you can create the ultimate gaming PC. So don't hesitate to contact Vador Gaming Computers today to see how we can help you create the computer you've always wanted.

Our systems are all fully customisable so whether youre looking for an expensixe water cooled system or a budget gaming pc to get you into the games without spending a fortune we can get the perfect custom pc for you

Online Custom Built Gaming Computers

Our professional, dedicated and passionate team of knowledgeable experts strive to create your perfect PC that is unparalleled in performance. We pride ourselves on our excellent delivery and installation services that do not compromise on quality.

All of our high quality computers are available at competitive prices, so if you're looking for a custom built gaming computer, contact Vador Gaming Computers today to create your PC.